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Crypto Bridge Terminals
We supply Crypto Bridge Teller (CBT) machines running our proprietary software at no upfront cost to local affiliates that will operate CBTs in their local markets. Our CBT machines will allow users to convert local fiat to and from virtually any crypto currency or usage token. Rather than charge our partner's an upfront fee, our CBT machines are funded entirely on transaction volume.


We handle all customer support functions so affiliates are free to concentrate efforts on growing the network, not customer support.

This includes full compliance with local KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) requirements and record keeping rules and limits.

Mobile Wallet and Application
We will be providing a fully functional crypto currency wallet for user's convenience and branding. Our wallet will support all the coins and tokens sold at our CBT machines and will provide a map for locating machines in our network.
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Not Limited to Just Bitcoin
Our CBT machines are not just limited to Bitcoin conversions. CBT machines will support conversion to all popular crypto currencies including, Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Waves and others. CBT machines will also be able to exchange other non crypto currency usage tokens as well.
Instant Worldwide eMoney Transfers
Unlike a typical crypto payment transaction, eMoney transfers take place without the need for a crypto wallet or any knowledge by the user the transaction happened on the blockchain. A user can simply insert local fiat in one machine and have a bar code text sent to a recipient anywhere in the world. The recipient can then scan the bar code at a local machine or participating merchant and receive the appropriate amount of local fiat. This market is estimated to be about $100 billion annually, Western Union alone processes nearly $75 billion of these transactions each year.
Bill Payment and Prepaid Card Reloads
CBT machines will also support the growing unbanked and underbanked segment of the marketplace. According to the World Bank, currently 2 billion adults worldwide are unbanked. 2013 statistics from the FDIC report 7.7% of households in the United States as unbanked (9.6 million households). Additionally, a full 20% are underbanked - meaning they have a bank account but also use alternative financial services outside of the banking system.
Revolving Line of Credit
We understand growing your business can be extremely capital intensive. That's why we also offer a revolving line of credit for qualified partners based on the number of machines deployed and the projected volume. After all, the faster you grow the faster we all grow.
One Worldwide Brand
Branding and promotion of crypto currency will help drive volume to our network. A full 15% of all monies raised in our public token sale and from ongoing operations will be set aside to promote the use of crypto currencies in the form of public service announcements.
Ongoing Network Growth
A full 65% of all amounts raised in our public token sale will be set aside to purchase machines for our affiliates. Once machines are placed 1% of all transaction volume will be set aside in a smart contract for the sole use to purchase additional machines for the network.
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