We Are Building a Worldwide Bridge Between Fiat and Crypto Currency
We are based in the United States and we are fully compliant with all SEC rules and regulations.

Three good reasons
Crypto Bridge Network was developed to provide a bridge for everyday consumers to exchange, save, and spend crypto currencies - No nerd required.
Ease of Conversion
By far the easiest way to purchase crypto currency is using an specialized ATM machine. Of course, the problem is there are less than 2,000 of them in the entire world. We are building a worldwide network of Crytpo Bridge Teller machines that will exchange fiat for multiple crypto currencies.
Multi Currency Wallet
The Crypto Bridge Wallet is the only wallet you'll ever need. One wallet that can hold multiple crypto currencies and allow you to send and receive both fiat and crypto currencies worldwide instantly. As far as security, it's decentralized, the way it should be. You keep the private keys, not us.
Decentralized Network
Unlike other crypto ATM providers, our machines are operated by local licensed partners. This decentralization allows us to rapidly enter multiple markets all while being 100% compliant with local laws.
In addition to building the largest network of automated tellers that will allow easy access for consumers to enter the crypto currency market, we are also leveraging blockchain technology and making it possible for consumers to send fiat currency anywhere, instantly, without the need for a wallet, exchange, or the consumer's knowledge that the transaction occured on the blockchain at all.
Our Timeline
January 20, 2018
Pre-Token Registration Begins
January 22, 2018
White Paper is Released and Pre-Token Sale Begins

All contributions will be secured using a SAFTE agreement. Since the network is not operable at this time this offering will be a security as defined by the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), form D has been filed with the SEC and can be viewed here. Please see disclosure documents and requirements prior to making a contribution.

To Be Announced
Pre-Token Sale Ends

Sale will end once the preset cap is reached.
1st Half of 2018
Token Generation Event

The network will be fully operational prior to the token generation event.
A recent Harris Poll study conducted January 16-18, 2018 showed that if given $5,000, 12% of Millennials would put the money into cryptocurrency over any other type of investment.
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